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If We Don't Do It,
You Don't Need It

About No Name Enterprises

Quality Auto Repair in Norwood, MA For Over 30 Years

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No Name Enterprises began in late 1984, when my employer and mentor, Russ Shufelt decided to retire. I worked for Russ for 8 years, beginning while I was still in high school. Upon Russ' announcement of retirement, I was in need of job, and rented a bay in the same building as Russ' service station in East Walpole. Russ was kind enough to direct customers in need of auto repair and maintenance around back to my small shop, for which I am forever grateful. I am proud and pleased that some of those original customers are still with me today, along with their family members—including their grandchildren. In January 1985, we moved to our current location in Norwood, MA. We serve customers from Norwood and surrounding areas including Walpole, MA and Canton, MA.

Our small six bay garage is conveniently located in Norwood Center, and has parking for approximately 30 vehicles. Our automotive repair shop is fully equipped and is within walking distance of two commuter rail stations (Norwood Central and Norwood Depot). We accept all major credit / debit cards.

“If We Don't Do It, You Don't Need It”
Our company motto explains it all: if we don't do it, you don't need it. Our focus is on providing you with the repairs you need to keep your car running efficiently. We will never perform service you do not need and will only recommend the parts and work you need.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliable auto repair services, including unusual diagnosis and repairs such as tough electrical and/or computer repairs. These repairs often come in for other shops. In addition, we are proud to receive consistently good reviews on sites such as Angie's List and even on the nationally syndicated, popular NPR program Car Talk. We pride ourselves for being a “word of mouth” business, and are thankful for every customer referral we receive and our loyal customer base.

Meet Our Staff

Mark Rano – Owner and Head Technician

I am a graduate of King Philip Technical High School in Wrentham, MA. I have 40 years experience in the industry, not including my schooling and tinkering with my family's cars in my younger days. Being old school, I still prefer the term “mechanic”! I specialize in computer/ electrical diagnosis and repair. I also enjoy and usually have one or two older vehicle projects on hand to perform minor restoration and maintenance on.

Anthony Sperdigliozzi

Known as Tony Spigs, Tony has been with No Name for 25 years. He is a graduate of Tri County Vocational School in Franklin, MA. He is the shops brake, exhaust and suspension specialist. Tony is also very good with a welder and has great skill at fabricating various automotive parts when the correct part can no longer be purchased or is just too darn expensive.

Kara Scialdoni

Kara completes our repair staff and is a valuble asset to our team. She has been with No Name for only three years, but has proven herself to be a very capable auto repair technician. Kara handles much of our periodic maintenance and brake repairs, and will occasionally do an engine swap or cylinder head gasket replacement. Kara is an eager learner and we are hopeful she will remain with No Name for many years. She also doubles as our receptionist. Kara is the hardest working employee No Name has ever had—she never stops!

Fran Daley

In the office is our beloved Secretary Emeritus Fran Daley. Fran has been with No Name for 28 years, and while she only works in the office one day a week now, she keeps Mark and Tony in line, and the bills paid. The rest of the week Fran is chasing her young grandson around.

Nathan Carter

Rounding out our staff is our newest employee, receptionist-in-training, Nathan Carter. Nathan works part time for us when he is not in school or doing his homework. Nathan is a quick study and proving himself to be a terrific addition to our office.

For more information about our auto repair services, car repair questions, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 781-762-3650.